5an is set to release a new album Oct. 21st!

PerryVsTheWrld: "Young4Ever" New Album!

5an is set to release a new album Oct. 21st!

KJ Alvarez

Oct 23, 2021

PerryVsTheWrld is back at it again!

PerryVsTheWrld returns with a 10 track album titled "Young4Ever", executive produced by Aldon.Exe.

The new album features Perry's signature futuristic sound featuring Aldon's amazing hyper-trap beats.

As Always, PerryVsTheWrld doesn't disappoint. Packing the album with something for everyone. From hyped tracks like "DGAF" to slower tempo tracks like "Ask Her".

The album as a whole is very aptly named as the album takes you through the emotions of youth, from love to hustle, to anger, to growth.

The best tracks of the album would definitely have to be "Why Meh", "DGAF", and "Vampire Queen", They all contrast each other and feature very catchy lyrics and emotions. These tracks are super relatable tracks and really summarize the album as a whole.

"Young4Ever" was very well executed with high-quality tracks. Nothing less prom Perry.

PerryVsTheWrld's new album "Young4Ever" is now available on all streaming, check it out now!