5an is set to release a new album Oct. 21st!

PinkPatheress - "to hell with it"

5an is set to release a new album Oct. 21st!

KJ Alvarez

Oct 20, 2021

PinkPantheress releases her new debut album "to hell with it"!

UK's 20 year-old-year viral sensation, PinkPantheress, drops her new debut album titled "to hell with it"!

PinkPantheress has been an underground gem for some time now, but she recently hit viral status with her single "Just for me".

TitkTokers and fancam editors flooded the internet with sort clips using the chorus of her track. Helping the track become one of her most-streamed tracks to this date.

Now the rising star has released her debut album, "to hell with it", which includes her viral track "Just for me" along with the titled track "I must apologise", released a week prior to the album.

PinkPantheress has a very unique and mellow sound. A hyper-pop sound with a retro jazz-pop vibe that really compliments her voice.

The new album, "to hell with it", has a variety of soft and gentle vibes mixed with jazzy-retro beats. The album even includes a track sampled by Drake's "One Dance" titled "All my friends know".

The UK rising star has now become a world-wide sensation and her debut album really shows out her full potential to be a top-tier artist.