02loaded: “Bluffin”

Georgia rapper, 02loaded, is the trapper of the Underground.

The young artist started recording music in high school. Recording his tracks from his room and recently upgrading to a recording studio. Collectively accumulating over 100k streams just this year.

02loaded recently dropped a new track titled “Bluffin.”

We linked up with him to learn more about the track and the inspiration behind it.

“That track just is frustration on a beat. I got into it with some people in my city over nothing. Just pure hate. Later down the line I figured out the life they put on social media wasn’t who they were. The word bluffin was in my head for about 3 days. When i heard that beat I instantly laid down a punch in hook and verse and finished the song in under 20 minutes.”

The hard hitting track features 02loaded’s trapper beats and a slightly different flow than his usual.

But “Bluffin” isn’t the only banger 02loaded has on his belt. His most recent project “ilovefastmoney” is a whole trapper vibe with “Drip” being one of our favorites.

02loaded is set to drop a new track with Kjbandz and a collab project with 6servin so stick around and make sure to stream “Bluffin” down below.


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