10 Things To Remember As a Small Artist

Being a small artist is really hard and we applaud you for continuing to make music and chase your dreams.

As you continue to grown and keep on making music here are some things we’d like you to keep in mind:

1. Numbers don’t matter:

As much as we obsess over how many streams, followers, or influences we have it’s important to remember that NUMBERS DON’T MATTER.

It’s all about the quality work, growing as an artist, and building relationships.

Numbers will come after.

2. Building Relationships Is Key:

Building your network is the most important thing in all aspects of life.

Make sure you interact with fan, other artists, producers, managers, etc. Build as many genuine relationships as you can.

Your network will support you, give you feedback, open doors for you, or just be there for advice when you need it.

3. Be Humble and Respectful:

An over inflated since of self can burn bridges before they’re even created.

You need to remember that you aren’t better than anyone else. Showing respect and being humble goes a long way. Don’t ever feel like you’re too good to work with someone.

There’s rules to the game.

4. When sharing your music, keep it short and simple:

If you share your music with friends, family, music curators, bigger artists, etc. make sure to keep you message short and simple.

Remember to introduce yourself and say please and thank you.

5. Always Send Your Best Track:

Although it’s tempting to send your latest track to rack up them streams, it’s bets you share your best track when sharing your music with others.

This is specifically most important when you’re sending your music in for a submission, music page, a label, bigger artist, etc.

The reason for this is to showcase your best work. This allows for someone to see your potential. If you send in your best work, people are most like to give your music a try rather then just brushing it off.

This also allows for music pages, labels, and others to keep an eye out for your work to see your improvement.

6. Don’t Expect A Response:

When you share your music or are working on building a new relationship don’t expect an immediate response or a response at all.

7. Don’t Spam:

If you shared your music and didn’t get a response or tried contacting someone but didn’t get any reply, don’t message them soon after. Give them enough time to respond.

If you still don’t get a response within 10 days. You may try again, but if you still don’t get a response, just move on.

Don’t spam message them

8. Not Everyone Is Going To Support You:

You probably already know this, but not everyone is going to support you. Sometimes it’s hard and we want to keep on pushing someone to support us, but in reality it will never be genuine.

Sometimes it’s your family, your closest friends, or even your partner, but theres nothing you can do about it but proof them wrong. Don’t force them.

9. Always Reflect and Improve:

It’s easy to get stuck doing the same things and the same patterns, but in music you have to reflect on yourself and improve.

If you get stuck doing the same thing over and over again people will get tired. There’s always room for grow.

10. It’s A Long Journey:

If you’re serious about your music you always have to remind yourself that it’s a long and worthy journey. You need to work for it and keep on going.

If you’re Hoping that one random day you blow up then you might as well quit now.

It’s a long journey and it’s not for the ones looking for clout or hoping to get rich.

whether is takes 10 years or 2, never give up and keep going, even when you’ve made it. You’ll only be halfway through your journey.


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