2morrownight: “Summer With You” Ep

New comer artist, 2morrownight, recently dropped his first project “Summer With You” and you could never tell he just started in the game.

The California native started making music just last year and released his first single, “Patient,” earlier this year. Which is now include in his “Summers With You” Ep.

Starting of making beats, 2morrownight, later moved on to adding vocals to his creations and becoming a full on artists.

We linked up with 2morrownight to learn more about him and his “Summer With You” Ep. When asked how the transition into becoming an artist has been and he replied:

“I started making music in the winter of 2019 which almost makes a year of me creating at least for vocals. I started producing beats early 2019 on abelton. Funny story is I bought abelton in 2016 but never used it or touched the program till 2019, sh*ts crazy, I guess I could say I wasn’t ready nor inspired till that year or at least motivated enough to create music, but I always knew that I wanted to make music in my life. So far for being a couple months of finally dropping I can say that the journey has been going good so far.”

And to be completely honest, all of 2morrownight’s tracks are great tracks. So there’s no surprise that his music journey has been a smooth one. You can hardly tell he’s a newcomer.

His new “Summer With You” Ep really shows his endless potential and versatility. From the first track “Appealing” to the last “In or Nah,” 2morrownight, keeps a consistency and smooth flowing project. Which is something not many underground artists seem to be able to do.

We asked him about the inspiration behind the lead track “Drink Smoke” and he shared:

“[it] means a lot to me because I believe it’s one of the best songs I’ve made so far. Also, it features underground artist that I listened to before I even made music which is crazy to me. This song wasn’t written it was actually freestyled by Samuel Ivy, who was producing for me at the time, and also myself. I received a beat pack from Ro$egold and we heard the first beat which was the beat that made Drink Smoke. From there was history.”

It’s nice to see artists come together to support and work with each other. “Drink Smoke” is probably the most distinctive track from the whole Ep, but the whole Ep gives off a nice summer vibe.

Honestly, 2morrownight, seems to be having a nice start to his music career and we can’t wait to see what he does next.

2morrownight’s “Summer With You” Ep is now available on all stream platforms.


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