2SeaterCoop: "Racks" MV

Coopy is back with some new visuals!

2Seatercoop hasn't released visuals since his last music video for "AMG," but now he's released his first music video of the year for his track "Racks" of his "COOPY" album.

Coopy is known for his chill vibes and trap sounds. "Racks" is just exactly that kind of track.

The music video just gives off a chill vibe too, just Coopy smoking and vibe. Makes you just want to join him.

2Seatercoop's "COOPY" album is one of Coopy's best works to date and it's definitely worth the listen.

After checking out 2Seatercoop's "Racks" music video down below, make sure to check out his latest album "COOPY" here!


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