2seatercoop: 'COOPY'

Florida has a surplus of artists coming out of the underground and 2seatercoop is just one of them!

Known for his trapper vibes and unique slow flow, 2seatercoop, finished off the year strong with his latest drop 'SCOOPY.'

Produced by underground producers, Fayglo and Buu, the 8 track tape gives an inside look into Coopy's overall vibe as an artist, mixing his trapper vibes with melodic beats that hype up the atmosphere.

The tape includes Coopy's most stream tracks 'SRT' and 'Weekend,' which dropped last month as the lead tracks for the tape.

2seatercoop only just started his music grind in the summer of 2020, but he's quickly turning heads and making headway in the underground. 'SCOOPY' is only just the beginning for this young artist and we can't wait to see how he handles 2021.

We know he's set to drop some visuals and a new project soon.. but for now, run up the streams on his latest taper 'COOPY' here or check out our recommended tracks down below!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. 'SRT'

  2. 'Blessings'

  3. 'Racks'


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