3 Most Underrated Punk/Emo Rappers

Who doesn't love a good guitar riff and some banging drunks with a hard bass and hip-hop instrumentals?

It seems to be that that's where some mainstream artists are heading, but the underground has been on that scene for some time now and some of them are way too underrated for our liking...

So, here are 3 of our favorite Punk Rappers/Emo Rappers:


Florida producer and artist, CXNSTVNT, is probably one of the most underrated artists in the underground.

Starting of his career as a producer, CXNSTVNT, has always shown expertise in the punk/emo genre. Producing for Skodi, Coolboifresh, and many more.

Earlier last year, it seems that CXNSTVNT started to take his image as an artist more seriously, dropping over 15+ tracks. Most of them self produced.

In our opinion, he makes the most lit punk tracks in all of the underground.

Two great examples of that are "Scatteredbrained" and "WORK."

CXNSTVNT is too talented to be in the shadows as both a producer and an artist!

2. Awful Backwood

Awful Backwood got us hooked on his "Sinister" track for some time last year. Now, we're just waiting for more!

Although, Awful Backwood, isn't the type to drop consistently, when he does drop it becomes addicting.

His whole vibe and energy reflects the textbook "punk/emo" rapper vibe. He is one of the few artists who can leave a last impression without doing much.

He's an underdog now, but with some more tracks and consistency we can't imagine how much influence he could provide to the new underground artists.


Wherei$mez is well known in the underground, but he doesn't get the recognition he deserves when it comes to his more punk/alternative tracks.

Wherei$mez is overall an amazing artist. Known for his hard trap vibes with tracks like "Meth!" and "N*ggas Are Simps!," but our most favorite track by him is his punk-rock track"A Thousand Years."

Wherei$mez is one of the 'Tirade' kings of the underground and he should honestly be added to the 'Tirade' Spotify Playlist as he has a similar vibe to CORPSE and has previously collaborated with TOKYO'S REVENGE.

We just feel like Wherei$mez gets overlooked too much, but soon enough everyone will find out just what they've been missing!

Punk/Emo trap and rap have been on the rise for sometime now, but there's only few who can really pull it off.

What do you think about our list? Do you agree?

Let us know what you think!


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