3 Big Problems We See Often

We listen to some many songs and interact with so many artist that sometimes it’s hard to look past some big problems we see with 80% of artists that pass through the club.

Here are three big problems we see very often:

1. Staying in your comfort zone:

Too often then not we see a lot of artist stay in their comfort zone. Although it’s good to have a formula that works for you, it gets redundant for listeners to hear the same kind of beats, flows, and messages.

Be experimental while you still can. Try different kinds of styles. Switch up your voice. Just have fun and do something different. It’s part of the music process.

2. Find your sound:

This is one of the most important parts of being an artist, if not, THE MOST IMPORTANT.

It comes easier to some than other, but finding your sound is part of getting out of your comfort zone.

The reason this is so important is because you want people to recognize your track way before they even hear the lyrics. It should be an “Ayy is this ___?”

Because this is one of the most important part it is usually the hardest. Most artists pick a genre, vibe, or whatever is trending, but it’s not that easy.

Finding your sound takes experimenting and doing what feels natural. Sometimes we get tracks were everything seems to be all there, but some how it feels forced. A track shouldn’t sound forced. It should feel natural and thoughtless.

If you still haven’t found your sound we recommend you just freestyle and acapella throughout the day. Don’t think, just flow out. Whether it comes out country, trap, or ophera like just see what comes out. Remember to not pick a style or try to force it just whatever comes out your mouth.

3. Mistaking versatility with flow:

Versatility is one of the key factors that makes a great artist. However, it appears that a lot of you confuse versatility with flow.

Versatility is a mixture of different beats and styles of music, yes, sometimes flow plays a key role into the track, but that’s not all there is.

Many artists have shared music with us and like to emphasize how “versatility” they are; However, many times that’s not the case. Same beats, same message, slightly different vocals is not versatility.

To summarize, experiment more and have fun. You might not be able to do much of that once you blow up.


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