3lliott: Putting In The Work

Arizona has been putting out some great artists this year including rising star 3lliott.

The 20 year old artist has been working and perfecting his sound over the past few moths doing everything it takes to put the pressure on.

Before starting out his music career a year and a half ago, 3lliott, played the drums. After 4 years of being a drummer, 3lliott, started to focus on football. Eventually, he started to record tracks and the rest was history.

With his new sound, 3lliott, has presented a new beginning to his music journey. Starting out his new chapter with the track “Never Stop” featuring Statik Guwap.

The track features a new found style along with some track quality improvements. 3lliott shows off his versatility in the track, proving he can go hard and melodic without hesitation.

We linked up with 3lliott to learn more about his new track and his new found sound. He shared:

“[Never Stop] means a lot to me cus this song was kinda a new beginning for me. I recently took down all my music because this song and all the songs I have coming from now on are on a whole other level and I’m finally finding my sound.”

With new music and a new sound 3lliott’s new confidence and presence is through the roof and we don’t blame him. Finding your sound makes the music experience even better for both the artist and the listeners.

He continued to share:

“The song was actually a freestyle. I had a studio session and had Statik pull up and my boy Tovar sent me beats. I went through ‘em and was like oh bet yea, we gonna walk on this one. So, I got in the booth and just started freestyling. Then Statik did his freestyle and one of the engineers I work with, Moses, put some sauce on the track and next thing we knew we had a song.”

And just like that a new beginning was born.

3lliott’s been putting in the work since the start. Always putting in all his all and continuing to grow.

3lliott is set to release a new EP soon and we can’t wait to see what else he can bring to the table.

Make sure to stream “Never Stop” here or learn a little more about 3lliott down below.


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