3lliott: New Single "VVS" featuring 24hrs

3lliott links up with hitmaker 24hrs for a dope new track titled "VVS"!

The highly anticipated track had a lot of expectations to fulfill but to no surprise, 3lliot delivered a fire track.

From the beat to their flows, 3lliott and 24hrs really went off on "VVS."

Probably the most satisfying thing about this track is how beautifully 3lliott's and 24hrs' voices compliment each other. They both have similar voices, flows, and styles and it just made the track even better. It's as if 3lliott and 24hrs have an unknown inner link.

3lliott is no stranger to delivering hit with his signature heartbroken style and this is just another one under his belt.

24hrs really showed he's for the underground and the music by partnering up with 3lliott and we couldn't be happier to see this duo pull off a great track this.

Make sure to check out 3lliott's new single "VVS" featuring 24hrs here or check it out down below!


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