5 All Time Favorite Tracks (2020)

Last year, you all applied pressure!

Dropping heat after heat and some tracks were so amazing and addictive that we could never get sick of them.

Here are 5 tracks from 2020 that are our All Time Favorites:


One of the most memorable tracks on 2020 is definitely "Honey Bee" by JAKOBI!

Who would have thought this up and coming GOAT would have pull out his spanish and made the track sound even better.

The overall vibe of the track is just amazing and super addictive.

JAKOBI is not stranger to making great tracks and this is just one of them. If you want to check out more track by JAKOBI click here!

2. "NO CALLER ID" By Logan Ghiorzi

As soon as this song comes on it's an endless... "PLEASE STOP CALLING, YOU'RE STILL ON MY MIND.." and it can't be stopped!

Once this track is played, it is stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Logan Ghiorzi is one of our favorite underground artists and this track just proves how much he deserve to recognized.

From the acoustics to the lyrics, this track is definitely one of the most memorable of 2020.

Check out "No Caller ID" or other tracks by Logan Ghiorzi here!

3. "SECTION" By Ka$h Kyle (ft. Aliff Rush)

Ka$H Kyle and Aliff Rush really dropped a hit last year and y'all are just missing out!

One of the BEST tracks of 2020 is definitely "Section," which also makes it one of the most memorable tracks.

The energy and vibe the track gives off just makes a great club track and an overall amazing track for any mood.

Honestly, it feels like this track was the only track in 2020 to have this vibe. It felt nice to listen to an energetic track... it helped us momentarily forget about everything that was going on in the world.

But this isn't their only unknown hit. Check out more track by Ka$h Kyle and Aliff Rush here!

4. "STACY's SISTER" By Skodi

One track that took us by surprise more than any other was definitely "Stacy's Sister" by Skodi!

Skodi is known as one of the best Female trap artists in the underground, but she really switched it up with "Stacy's sister." The soft and melodic track was something that took us by surprise, but what really made us fall in love with it was the pain.

You pain Skodi speaks of in the track really bleed through.

We're used to hearing Skodi yelling and screaming, but this track really felt like a masterpiece.

Skodi can pull anything off and "Stacy's Sister" is just one of them. Check out more of her tracks here!

5. "WORK" By CXNSTVNT (ft CoolboiFresh)

CXNSTVNT and CoolboiFresh really put the energy in their work!

It's like at any random moment my head just goes "WORK, WORK, WORK" and at that point we just have to play "WORK" by CXNSTVNT.

This track had one of the best trap energies of 2020. It wasn't only straight fire, but it was motivational as well.

The track and message overall was like any other we heard all year and y'all are really just missing out.

CXNSTVNT and CoolboiFresh are just an amazing artists, so check out more of his tracks here!

2020 really brought out great energy and hussle out of the underground and we can't wait to see what everyone does with 2021.

What do y'all think of the list?

Let us know here.


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