5 Lesser Known Artists We Currently Love:

We all on know we are constantly on the search for new talent artist.

Here are our current favorite:

1. Surf

Atlanta rapper Amir Benjamin, has gotten our attention multiple times.

At first we were obsessed with his single “gtg” from his EP “PLANET SURF” and with his last EP release ”#SURFDAY” we can now say we are big fans of his.

Recommended Songs:

1. “gtg”

2. “Hate Myself”

3. “Call Of Duty”

Social Media:

IG & Twitter @surfskrt

SoundCloud click here.

2. KillBunk

16 year Old, KillBunk, from Waycross, Georgia.

This young artist has recently gotten our attention with his latest single “Don’t Play With Fire!” & We’ve realized he is a great artist, collectively racking up over 1 million stream on SoundCloud.

Recommended Songs:

1. “Don’t Play With Fire!”

2. “Battle Scars”

3. “Lost”

Social Media:

IG @killbunk

Twitter @killbunkk

Soundcloud click here.


NVRMNDFRVR (Pronounced ”Nevermind Forever“) has just caught our attention this week with his latest single “Nasty.”

We‘ve listen to various songs on his SoundCloud and quickly decided he was an amazing artist that deserves more recognition. He has a unique song and a very versatile style almost anyone can dig.

Recommended Songs:

1. “Nasty

2. “Dominoes“

3. “Rocketship”

Social Media:

IG & Twitter @nvrmndfrvr

SoundCloud click here.


We found NFW K MONEY on Instagram and clicked on his link to take us to his SoundCloud, the rest was history.

We really like his sound, there’s something nostalgic about it, like listening to a mixture of recently departed artists.

Recommended Songs:

1. “In My Feelings”


3. “2”

Social Media:

IG & Twitter @nfwkmoney

SoundCloud click here.

5. Ma$e God

Ma$e God got our attention with his song “For The Better" featuring CashBently. Then he pulled out “Energies” and we got addicted.

He is definitely an artist to lookout for this year.

Recommended Songs:

1. “Energies”

2. “For The Better”

3. “Fear Broke”

Social Media:

IG @masexgodd

Twitter @masegxd

SoundCloud click here.


5an's new album "THANK YOU 5AN" is out now!