5 Tracks That Should be Everywhere

The underground community always puts out some great tracks and sometimes we feel like some tracks should really be available everywhere.

Here are some tracks that we currently wish were on all streaming platforms:

  1. 5AN - “Cancun” (ft. Benjicold)

5an never misses and Benjicold is one hell of an artist. These two went off in their track “Cancun.”

The wavy track is so addicting that it should really be out on all platforms.

5an’s flow mixed with Benjicold’s just creates the dopes trapper vibe that currently be dethrone on our list.

2. BAYYMACK - “No Explanation

Bayymack always puts out some good music and “No Explanation” is no exception.

After it’s released, we were left hoping that the track would be out on all platforms, but instead we got some dope visuals directed by Inferno.

The melodic track is currently one of our favorite tracks and we can only hope that it will soon be available on all platforms.

3. Rich J Kid - “Bad To The Bone”

Easily one of Rich J Kid’s best tracks. We had been waiting on this track since May and now that it’s out and we want it everywhere.

Not only is this track one of his best tracks, but it’s also addicting. The tracks vibe and production really deserves all the hype.

Shoutout to BELDONDIDTHAT & Dru Armada for the vibes. Rich J Kid killed it!

4. Osmkapo - “Vacant”

Although, it’s unclear whether Osmkapo distributes his music on other platform besides SoundCloud there are many of his tracks that should be out on all platforms.

His track “Vacant” is one of them. This track is a major mood.

On its release, we had it on repeat 24/7 and although it may never be released on all platforms that’s okay. It’s makes it a bit more special.

5. KILLNEVER!- “Hide The Copse!”

KILLNEVER! really went of on this track. Although, it has since been removed from SoundCloud, this track was really underrated.

KILLNEVER! pulled out his baby voice and did something special with this track. At first it was really shocking to see him put out something so different, but after that initial shock we bumped that track on repeat.

Now, we realize that “Hide The Corpse!” was really ahead of its time. KILLNEVER! did a great good on that track and we can only hope it at least comes back to SoundCloud.

With some many more tracks that we wish could be on all platforms, these are just some of the few we hope to see on all platforms soon.

Let us know which ones you agree with and make sure to stick around to see if one of your tracks makes the next list!


5an's new album "THANK YOU 5AN" is out now!