Florida artist, 5an, just dropped her long awaited project titled "5LAYER."

The project showcases 5an's rager side and her IDGAF attitude. The project also showcases her talent and versatility, from going straight off the dome in the studio to ranging in vocals and different styles of music.

5an released this project for the misunderstood, as she feels misunderstood as well. She didn't write much of the lyrics, but instead went into the studio and put her emotions into every track and just vibed to the beat.

5an began her music career about a year ago, going full speed ahead, quickly making a name for herself and collective earning over 200k streams across all platforms in just a short time.

Stream 5an's "5LAYER" EP, Now available on all platforms or check out one of our recommended tracks down below.

Recommend Tracks:"

  1. "Kyoto"

  2. "Fendi Facts II"

  3. "Killa"


5an's new album "THANK YOU 5AN" is out now!