5an: THE CLUB 2020 Artist of The Year!

When it came down to choosing 'THE CLUB Artist of The Year,' Fugitives, didn't hesitate to vote for Florida rising star, 5an!

Going head to head with Rich J Kid, 5an received 64% of the votes while Rich J Kid received the remaining 36%. Officially making her 'Artist Of The Year.'

2020 may have had it's struggles and restrictions, but that did not stop 5an from becoming one of the few female rappers conquering the underground.

In 2020, 5an, not only increased her streams and following, but she also trended on Audiomack and was entered into Soundcloud's 'Raw Rap Rising: Dawn' playlist several times. With her most popular track 'DYIN2LIVE' collectively gaining over 100k streams.

Her grind, style, and music aren't all she's known for in THE CLUB. Her character and openness is one of the top reasons she's always a trending artist on our page. Often supporting and working with other artists. She's always showing love and handling business.

Often dubbed a 'Playboicarti Clone,' 5an's style isn't really like Carti's. Sure, they sound alike, but 5an's vibe is more smoother and more relatable, making it hard to hate on her. I guess we'll just have to be patient and wait on that Carti x 5an collab to really settle this.

Regardless, there's no denying that 5an is on her way to become a huge star and 2020 was just the beginning!

Stream 5an latest track here and we hope you hop on the 5lay3r Gang this year.


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