5an: "##CHROMEDREAMS" EP Review

The Florida underground GOAT, 5an, is back at it again with a new EP!

The 6 track EP starts off hard with the first track "REALER." With catchy lyrics and a hard bumping bass, 5an, catches your attention from the start. One track in and you're already hooked.

5an had been hyping up the EP and had previously mentioned that this was her best work yet and honestly, we totally agree.

5an has never been one to drop mediocre work. She's always dropped amazing tracks with overall great production and A1 energy. But everytime she drops it's like she just gets better and better. Consistently setting the bar higher every single time.

The title track "S&D" had set high expectations for the ##CHROMEDREAMS EP and did a great job at keeping us on our toes while we waited. Now that the EP is finally out, it is clear that "S&D" and every track in the EP are just straight fire and could stand alone as hit singles.

Honestly who could blame 5an for going so hard on this project? With her amazing talent and a rockstar team of producers like Atis, Philogotaanother1, TheCxdy, and more, it's a no brainer why the energy is so damn good.

In summary, 5an's ##CHROMEDREAMS EP is just a project full of hits!

Click here to check out 5an's new EP "##CHROMEDREAMS."


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