5an x Philgotanother1: "Villians" Album Review

5an is back at it again with some new heat!

The Florida underground goat linked up with up-and-coming producer Philgotanother1 for a full joint project.

Not even that, 5an and Phil linked up in Atlanta to record and film some scenes for their newest "FESTIVALS" video.

The 10 track "VIllians" album includes some new experimental sounds for both 5an and Phil. Aside from maintaining her signature sound, 5an added some new and refreshing sounds in this project with the most surprising being the alternative track "BOSSANOVA."

The "Villians" album includes great addicting tracks like "SL33P" and of course the title track "FESTIVALS." Though 5an is known for her specific sound she never fails to show just how versatile she is. Of course, without the help of Philgotanother1 the whole project would not be complete.

Philgotanother1's musicality is on another level when it comes to working with 5an. He never fails to put her on the next level sounds and always keeps in mind just what the artist wants.

Of course, a 5an project wouldn't be a 5an project without at least one rager track, and "VANQUISH" featuring Park3r brings up the heat midway through the project. The contrast between 5an and Park3r's voices makes the rage track's energy go through even harder than the crazy energy already laid on the track.

Overall, I am very pleased with the outcome of the project as a whole. I am especially impressed with the different variations of flows and beats throughout the project. It makes the listening experience so much better. It has you on the edge of your seat wondering what comes next.

5an's and Philgotanother1's joint album is out now on all streaming platforms. Check it out here and stick around for more of 5an's upcoming music!


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