5an: The Come Up

Florida artist, 5an, is on the come up and ain't nothing stopping her.

Born a natural songwriter and musician, the mysterious artists only started her music career just about a year ago. In 2011 she released something public just for fun, but in 2019 she dropped her first official track "Green(333)."

In just a year, 5an, has been steadily growing her fan based and increasing her streams. We asked what's help this success and she replied:

"Consistency is key and development to know that every song you make isn't always good."

With the drop of her recent album "5LAYER" and the drop of a new single "Sincerely, 5an" along with its music video, consistency is definitely what she has been putting out.

It is also very clear that, 5an, never settles for less. Constantly improving her sound and reflecting on feedback, though never straying from her true self and her truth in life.

One thing that stands out the most about this promising artist is her unique sound and style. Many will compare and may be closed, but 5an is genuine in sound. Her lyrics to her voice is all genuine. One of the best things about most of her track is that it's her just vibing out and freestyling. Paper to pen isn't her thing, but that definitely doesn't mean she can't sit down and structure a song.

Music is just in her veins and it shows in all her work from quality tracks to the next steps. It'd hard to ignore.

With all her current success and growth we can't wait to see what's to come for 5an. Check out her music and get to know more about her down below!


5an's new album "THANK YOU 5AN" is out now!