5 Artist That Are Heavily Slept On

1. Ka$h Kyle

The California native is one of the most promising artists from the west coast. With endless vibes and talent there’s not a doubt that this young artist will top the charts one day. Dropping hits back to back, Ka$h Kyle, has been consistent, strategical, and putting in the work. His hit track “Section” featuring Aliff Rush is one of our favorite track and we honestly recommend you check him about before he blows up.

2. Skodi

Florida has put out many amazing artists and Skodi lives up to the East coast hype. With brutal honesty and ability to tell a story like no other, Skodi, has been breaking through the game and asserting her spot. Dropping bangers on bangers there’s no reason to put Skodi as an underdog and even if you do, we’re sure she’ll come biting back hard!

3. Swapa

Mr. Suave keeps a mystery most of the time, but what’s not a mystery is his endless latent. Even we slept on this gem for a bit, but we’re glad to have linked up with such talent artist. Starting of with his track “Twenty Four” we were hooked. Swapa creates the vibe and Kees it flowing like no other. We recommend you keep an eye out for this young artist and check out his latest track down below!

4. OTS June

We don’t even know how OTS June ended up on this list, but one thing is for sure. He’s heavily slept on. His “Black Knight” album early this year was a masterpiece. The production quality, the tracks, even the album cover were on point. The talent OTS June brings to the game is definitely one of an Atlanta artist. Don’t sleep on him!

5. Noma99

If you haven’t heard of Noma99 then you’re missing out. Hard hitting tracks with a doze of reality is something we all need and Noma99 can fulfill that and more. His hard hitting tracks are too good to ignore, but hey you’re the one missing out not us!


5an's new album "THANK YOU 5AN" is out now!