6ngeel: “Prom Queen”

With Alternative music becoming more popular in the mainstream genres, such as alternative rap, alternative pop, and so on.

19 year old, 6ngeel, from Houston, Texas has dropped the soft alternative vibe track “Prom Queen.”

Telling the story behind a forbidden love based on stereotypes. A nice guy who loves the “Prom Queen” but her social status forbid her to be nice to our little Romeo, but behind the scenes they get together just to fall apart again.

A well told story and well thought out.

The reason and meaning behind the track is what’s makes this track special. 6ngeel told us that track was wrote “based off a recent reality check [he] was going through. This generation often gets love and lust confused and people never realize the amount of damage you can give to a person.” Which is completely true. The track depicts the truth on how some people care more about image then character, which is most likely a relationship based on lust not love.

6ngeel really delivered with this track and we hope you can all enjoy it with us.

Stream “Prom Queen” down below.


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