7 Of Our Favorite Tracks this Year!

This year has been amazing! There have been so many newfound artists, new tracks, and so many new sounds.

It's always hard to choose from so many tracks, but there are some that are just too memorable. Here are our 7 of our favorite tracks this year, well.. so far:

  1. "Section" By Ka$h Kyle (ft. Aliff Rush)

If there's one track we absolutely loved this year, it would have to be section.

The tempo of the track and careless feel it gives off makes this track one of the few tracks we'd love to hear in an actual club!

2. "Cancun" By 5an (ft. Beji Cold)

5an is always Top 3 on our list for anything. "Cancun" was on repeat like crazy when it first dropped. We loved this track so much that we wished it was on all streaming platforms.

Benji's chorus in this track along with 5an's verses made them a duo we didn't know we needed.

3. "NO CALLER ID" By Logan Ghiorzi

One of the best things to happen this year was to see Logan find his sound. The young and talented Arizona resident can make anything sound amazing, but he definitely established his sound with his "Inside Out" demo. One of the tracks that stood out the most to us from his demo was "NO CALLER ID."

The track features a nice melodic vibe with some breakup like lyrics making it one of the best underground breakup tracks of the year.

4. "WORK" By CXNSTVNT (Ft. Coolboifresh)

CXNSTVNT and Coolboifresh went hard on this track!

The endless beat and trapper vibe makes you just wanna f*cking rage. Coolboifresh's fast pace rap mixed with CXNSTVNT's calm yet aggressive energy was just the perfect combination for this track,

Hustling or scheming CXNSTVNT said work and the track makes you just want to f*cking do it.

5. "One Point Five" by Rich J Kid

Who can forget when Rich made 2020 his b*tch at the beginning of the year.

His collab with Mike Jay and the rest of The Wealthy Club was one best move to have started of the year.

"One Point Five" was one of the most addicting tracks to have ever passed through The Club, since then, Rich J Kid has been one of our number favorite artists.

The biggest cherry on top with this track was the quality music video dropped along with it.

Rich J Kid just don't miss!

6. "South Side" by Skodi

Skodi's "Skodi" Ep was just a masterpiece, with "South Side" being one of the best tracks.

The track blended into the whole project so well that we dubbed Skodi "South Side Queen."

The Florida rapper really put in all her energy into this track and there's nothing we can say but 'Stream Skodi!"

7. "Fragrance" by Tophillfreddo (Ft. BIGBABBYGUCCI)

Tophillfreddo has proven himself to be a really versatile artist.

The R&B vibe of "Fragrance" really puts you in a trance. The beat, the energy, and the lyrics just gave us a whole new look into who Tophillfreddo really is as an artist.

This list was much longer, but we had cut it short. We choose the best and most memorable tracks by some of the most talented artists. What do y'all think of the list?

*If your track didn't make it on the list, don't worry, we are working on "THE CLUB: Rewind" for this year.

Get a sneak peek here to see if your track made it on our list of favorites this year.*


5an's new album "THANK YOU 5AN" is out now!