92Legend: "Pride II (2 Much Pride)" Album

Florida artist, 92Lengend, released his "Pride II (2 Much Pride)" album back in November for 2020, and now that we've gotten the chance to have a full listen we can honestly say this album has no skips!

92Legend started making music back in March of 2018 and has accumulated over 1 million streams since then.

Since the start, he's dropped serval high-quality singles and projects. From tropical vibes to emotional raps.

His "Pride II (2 Much Pride)" album is an extension to his previously released album "Pride," released back in 2019.

The "Pride II (2 Much Pride)" album has 18 tracks and they are all great tracks. The emotions and energy each track put out seems like just what 92Legend intended to do with them.

"It shows that I’m human just like my fans, yeah I have a talent for music but I’m going through the same struggles as everyone else."

After briefly linking up with 92Legend, he shared with us that his favorite of the album is "Unpaid Debts."

"Unpaid Debts was inspired by a situation I was going through at the time. I put the instrumental on just to vent, I needed to get how I was feeling out, you know. Me and boy PethoPapi were chilling playing Madden and I freestyled what is now the hook, I remember he looked at me and said 'you better write that down,' the rest is history. As far as the meaning, to me it’s quite simple there are some things in life the word 'sorry' can’t fix, not to say that it is unfixable, but sorry not gone cover it."

92Legend really did a great job with every single track in this album, it's to pick a favorite but if I had to chose it would probably be "Tell Me the Truth." One of the best parts about that track is the beat.. if you're a freestyler or just like to support YouTube producers, you definitely know the beat.

92Legend did such a great job on that track that is hard to believe how good he really is.

92Legend's "Pride II (2 Much Pride)" is out now and available on all streaming platforms, while we wait for "Pride 3" make sure to check it out here or check out one of the recommended tracks down below!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "X'd Out"

  2. "No More Favors"

  3. "When I Needed You"


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