93BLADES: "93Hearts" - New Single

Oregon's 93Blades is back at it again and he as always he never disappoints!

In his new single "93hearts", 93Blades gets real about the feelings of his last relationship. After the end of 7-year relationship, he sat down and worked on his best track yet.

Although breakups aren't always easy and lead to a lot of emotional distress, 93Blades shares with us about this track helped release some of those unpleasant emotions.

"i started writing and was thinking about hella situations from my past, i can't ever let go of the past….sucks. Once I finished the song and was satisfied"

Initially, the track didn't start out as a release of emotions. Prior to writing the track 93Blades has writer's block which led to a different approach to his music-making process.

"inspiration came from the beat itself, everything about the beat was perfect and just hit home."

He continued...

"when i came back from my writer's block, I played the beat and lord omg. the beat was so nice I just started writing..."

93Blades is a talented and very dedicated artist and over the years he's dropped some great tracks, but personally, this is his best track yet.

The track is a 10/10 in sound quality, it's very relatable, and coveys a lot of sincere emotions.

93Blades released "93Hearts" on all streaming platforms, make sure to check it out here!


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