93Blades: Behind His Track "WASSUP !" Ft. Westside Ultra

93Blades got the funniest story behind his track "Wassup !" featuring Westside Ultra and we got the chance to hear a bit about it!

The 19-year-old Oregon-based dropped the track back in 2020 and later on followed it up with "Wassup Pt. 2" but the story behind the track is one of my favorites.

93Blades shared...

"I was sitting with Westside Ultra in the room when all of a sudden he said “hot girl summer” and we kept repeating that, it quickly turned into a freestyle and so it basically became a song about having a hot girl summer, a song to blow your speakers out while partying or raging in the summer. It was just us having fun going back and forth on the beat"

Honestly, this story makes me laugh. I can just imagine two dudes just randomly saying "Hot girl summer" and hyping it up like crazy. It's just what music is all about and I love to hear that artists actually enjoy and have fun making the music that they make because they're doing it for the right reasons.

93Blades "Wassup !" is a great summer rage track with a hard trap beat and crazy energy it's hard to put this track aside and just ignore it.

93Blades shared he'll be doing an indie-pop project this year and we can't wait to see more of his talent and versatility, but for now, check out his track "Wassup !" featuring Westside Ultra, and let us know what you think!


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