BOCI: New Self-titled Album "BOCI"

Long Island's Erik Boci, AKA BOCI, drops a new self-titled album!

BOCI was better known by his full name Erik Boci but recently went through a rebranding to kick start a new phase in his career.

The new phase included changing his artist name and releasing his new album "BOCI".

BOCI started his career back in 2014 as a self-taught producer and later on taught himself sound engineering.

"I started off as a producer making beats for fun until my friend told me to try and start rapping on them (even though I didn’t like how my voice sounded on the mic) after a while I got more comfortable.."

A few years later, BOCI opened his own home studio and quit his job to make music his full-time career.

"I quit my job and then dropped out of college to support my artist career. I feel like having those 3 things under my belt for the past 7 years gives me more chances to shine within music, not to mention I make my own cover arts and edit all my music videos myself, I really do it all. This whole process helped me open up my own studio with my friends..."

Being an artist, producer, sound engineer, and now a business owner, BOCI is really just driven by music.

His new self-titled album "BOCI" is his first project under his new artist name and it really showcases BOCI's overall talents.

Straying away from the New York underground scene and drill music, "BOCI" is hoping to bring a new sound no ones ever heard from him before.

"This project is a sound nobody has heard from me before. This sound is also not that popular in New York because everyone is doing drill, which is cool I actually like drill a lot, but I wanna stay away from it to move different from the crowd."

"BOCI" really shows versatility by including many different genres in the album. From Hyper-pop tracks like "How U Feel?" and Trap tracks like "Pretty & Mean" it's very clear that BOCI can master any genre.

BOCI's self-titled album is really a great kick-off to a new stage in BOCI's life and we can't wait to see what other things he accomplishes throughout the year.

Make sure to check out BOCI's new album "BOCI" here or check out one of our recommended tracks down below!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. How U Feel?

  2. Coming Home

  3. Pretty & Mean


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