Rokz: On a Different Plain

Midwest artist, Craig Butler Jr, AKA Rokz, is on a different plain than most artists.

With west coast vibes and a raspy deep voice. Rokz has strayed away for the generic underground artist sounds and brought his own vibe to the game.

Influenced by artists like Curren$y, Wiz, Larry June, Dom Kennedy, and Jay Worthy, Rokz started out his music career earlier this year with his first tape “Smokers Paradise,” mixing his own vibe with his influences.

Since his started in the music industry earlier this year, Rokz, has dropped 18 tracks. With His latest track, “The Hills,” really bringing out the west coast vibes Rokz loves some much.

We linked up with him to learn more about the inspiration of the track and here’s what he said:

“The track motivates and means a lot to me! I flew to oakland to shoota couple videos with (@girlslovetrey). I was staying in Piedmont Pines, which was very forestry and in the hills. I wake and baked and just started writing to the beat that @djkoost sent me, and this was that finished product.”

Just a like a true west coast artist.

Rokz has 3 upcoming tapes this year and we can’t wait to see what new things he brings to the table.

Check out Rokz’s latest single “The Hills” down below and make sure to follow him on Instagram @withoutrokz.


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