AdeOnTheTrackYaDig! x L4k Mo: "We Are" New Single

Producer AdeOnTheTrackYaDig! and Philli artist L4k Mo are back at it again with their new single "We Are"!

We covered this great pair back when they released their single "Problems."

As always their energy is unmatchable and we got to learn a little bit about the behind the scenes of the track.

"L4k and I were locked in finishing up songs for "Ready For Takeoff", we were really just in a mode where it was all work. We were knocking out like three to four songs a session depending on how much time we booked. This was one of the songs made during those sessions and we had already made a mental note for down the line that if we don't put it on RFT, then we would probably drop it as a single for the summer."

Unlike their last collab, "We Are" has a different vibe to it. A chill trap beat with much more aggressive energy yet much more mellow than "Problems."

Keeping this track in the vault until the summer was an unexpected move. Feels like they were trying to make the point of "No breaks, we work hard no matter what."

The 17-year-old artist and the 22-year-old producer are always a blast to listen to and see the energy they put into their work.

Ade's and L4k Mo's, "We Are" is probably the hardest track they've released so far.

What do y'all think about it?

Make sure to check out the "We Are" music video or check out the track down here!


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