AK Diorr: "CHROME FORGIATOS" Single Review

The flashy concept LA-based artist AK Diorr. recently dropped one of his best tracks to date and here's what we think about it!

The talented young artist started taking an interest in music at a young age and gave himself some pretty ambitious goals from the start.

"I started taking vocal lessons when I was 16 so you hear a lot of swavey pop influence. I snuck into my first Coachella and told myself that I’d be on that stage one day."

From there on, AK Diorr. started writing songs and found a love for it.

"Music is the only thing that makes me feel something. I love creating sounds and melodies. My older brother inspired me to start making music and I just took off with it."

Not long after, AK Diorr. has proven to have what it takes in the music industry. From his musicality to his swaggy style, Diorr. is more than the average artist.

His latest single "CHROME FORGIATOS" is one of his best tracks yet and we got the chance to link up with him to learn a bit behind the track.

" I wrote this song about having the chrome forgis on a luxury car.... I want people to listen to my music and feel like they wealthy. It’s not about no flex shit, it just feels good to buss down Melrose and feel like you the shit whether you in a Camry or a Benz."

It was very surprising to hear this type of humbling response. It's not about the flex it's about feeling good about yourself.

AK Diorr.'s "CHROME FORGIATOS" is a smooth R&B Pop mix track. The whole track exerts good vibes. From the vocals and beat to the sound quality and its music video "CHROME FORGIATOS" is really just that track. You could say it even fully represents AK Diorr. as an artist.

"A lot of people think because I’m Asian my sh*t got to sound some type of way. I was born and raised in the States. I didn’t play the piano or play tennis, I like popping beans and going to the strip club."

Stereotypes in the game are always around, but that doesn't stop AK Diorr. from just making great music and putting in the work.

"CHROME FORGIATOS" is the track that goes the extra mile, Aside from just being a quality track it has an awesome music video. AK Diorr.'s first music video to be exact and with Diorr.'s style we knew it was going to be anything but mediocre.

AK Diorr. is really just LA's best kept secret and he is set to drop more great music this June. For now, help us Run Up AK Diorr's "CHROME FORGIATOS" here, or check out one of our recommended tracks down below!

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