Akiel The Prodigy: "HOROSCOPE" New Single

17-year-old Florida artist, Akiel The Prodigy, makes a fire comeback with his new single "HOROSCOPE"!

The Jacksonville native started his music career freshman year of high school and he's been grinding ever since.

"I started really making music my freshman year of high school (I’m a junior right now). I continue to make music, now more than ever because of the end goal I hope to accomplish of having my music heard by everyone. To have people listen when they’re with their friends, at a party, working out, or even just chilling, I want it to be everywhere."

Akiel The Prodigy's new "HOROSCOPES" single represents a new shift and growth.

"HOROSCOPES" is one of his best-produced tracks. Produced by Presto Beats, the hard trap beat mixed with Akiel's energy hypes up the track, making it more addicting than it should be.

"HOROSCOPES was inspired by all the hype around astrology and everything relating to spirituality that’s going around right now whether it be crystals, or your zodiac sign, and how I just don’t mess with all that honestly. Presto sent me the beat and I was just freestyling honestly and that’s what came out first, “I don’t fuck with horoscopes but if she like it then I’m picies”.

He Continued...

"When I started writing to it, continuing off that bar I started to notice it was something different from what I typically make. It was going down the path as one of those heavy bass trap songs that you bump loud as hell in your car and just headbang to. Short and sweet, and unlike my other tracks out so far for the adlibs I tested out my vocal range so I can do something catchy and different."

Akiel The Prodigy delivered something different than his usual and it has honestly paid off. Is this a new ear for Akiel The Prodigy?

Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

The young and talented artist has a long way ahead of him but his new single "HOROSCOPES" is definitely proof he has what it takes to make it in the game.

Make sure to check out Akiel The Prodigy's new single "HOROSCOPES" here or check it out down below!


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