Angvl: New Single "Cherry Pie"

19-year-old New York artist, Angvl drops a new birthday single titled "Cherry Pie"!

The quick-rising star has only been making music since earlier this year, but he has already racked up a few thousand streams. A milestone that takes some artists years to achieve. Even being featured in the Underground Sound blog.

His debut single "Moonlight" earned over 10K streams, soon after it's released Angvl dropped his first tape "Broken Heart Freestyle" showcasing more of his sound.

With a few tracks under his belt and Angvl drops just one more to add to his collection.

"Cherry Pie" shows a new side to Angvl. With a melodic guitar beat and his signature sound, Angvl romanticizes his life and shows his lover boy side.

"I was infatuated with someone I was talking to at the time and it led me to the idea of writing a song about the person I would consider the one. Cherry Pie is just slang for the person that sweetness up my life by being who they are and nothing can beat that."

Angvl has a very unique energy to him and it's very enjoyable to just vibe to his music.

Since the start, Angvl has never dropped a mediocre track and his sound quality in every single track has never lacked.

Overall, I am very impressed with Angvl's new single "Cherry Pie" and his achievements in such a short time.

Make sure to stick around for Angvl's upcoming single "Sunrise" and stream his new single "Cherry Pie" here!


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