Artist Of The Month: CAVEMAN

One of our favorite new artists is February's Artist Of The Month and that artist is..... CAVEMAN!

The young Chicago artist caught our attention with his latest album "SCARFACE" and it wasn't long before The Club started to love him too.

Caveman has been making music for some time now and it's about time he gets the recognition he deserves.

From his aesthetics and artist brand to his music there's really no complaints to be made about this rising artist.

This month we chose two small artists with respectably small audiences. Both under 1k followers and both under 50K accumulated streams and the outcome was so unexpected. Caveman pulled 86% of the votes without hesitation.

Since his start back in 2017, Caveman has been improving and perfecting his sound. Never giving up and having patience.

Now, he's known as one sick artist with dope af tattoos.

Caveman's "SCARFACE" album is his fastest rising album to date and we can't wait to see him grow into the artist we all know he can become.

He's got crazy vibes and has proven himself to be a pretty versatile artist, though he has his signature dark sound. Originality is another thing Caveman does not lack.

From his sound to his tatts, there really is no better artist The Club could have picked for February.

CAVEMAN is one hell of an artist so make sure you check him out and let us know what you think here!


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