AP YCM: "Don't Wake Me Up" - New Album

The young and talented AP YCM drops an amazing new album titled "Don't Wake Me Up"!

The New York, Buffolo artist started making music back in 2015. Over the years, he has continuously grown as an artist, learned from experiences, and evolved his music.

Known for his alternative and experimental vibes, AP YCM has made a steady ride in the underground all around the world.

AP YCM's new album "Don't Wake Me Up" is packed with 15 tracks including skits, alternative, and experimental tracks. The title track "Don't Wake Me Up" starts off the album and sets the mood just right.

Throughout the entire first listen to the album, It felt a little nostalgic. AP YCM gives off Lil Peep vibes and it was really just reassuring to see that good artists are still out there.

Upon the release, we got briefly linked up with AP YCM to learn a little more about the album and how it came to be.

"Simply put... Life. I'm always inspired by my own emotions and experiences. Music has always been an emotional outlet for me to express myself. All of the things that I've been through the past year; the progression, the love and heartbreak, addiction and mental health, all the ups and downs. It's been such a crazy year for myself and my career that it almost feels like a dream; that's what inspired me to name the project "Don't Wake Me Up".

Honestly, even though we didn't live the past year through AP's eyes, the album was aptly named.

AP YCM continued to share more on the album and the process behind it.

"The process of making this project was tough but also amazing. It took a lot of awesome, and unfortunate experiences to reflect on, but the best part about it was being able to travel and work with so many amazing people around the world. Some songs were made in Buffalo, some in LA, some in Boston, NYC, and even Niagara Falls"

He continued...

"It was also awesome collaborating with some of my close friends; Jack de Vil, and JED from Canada, and hometown friend Ethan HARZ who has recently signed with Internet Money. It was extremely difficult holding onto so many amazing songs while compiling this album, but it was totally worth it."

AP YCM didn't just slap on a bunch of random tracks together into an album and that's one of the things the separates him from the rest. The album was well put together, there were no inconsistencies in sound quality, and overall it was a great listen.

AP YCM's new album "Don't Wake Me Up" is out now on all streaming platforms. Check it out here or click on one of our recommended tracks down below!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "I Can't Breathe"

  2. "Hyperpop/Red Rum"

  3. "When I'm Sober"


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