Apollo Storm: “GROWING PAINS” New Album!

Apollo Storm is becoming an unstoppable storm about to rain down on the underground and he’s made a huge comeback with his new album “GROWING PAINS”!

The young and talented Ohio resident has been making headway with his unique tracks and signature sound for some time now, but his new album “GROWING PAINS” raises the bar to a whole new level for the young artist.

With features from NO1-NOAH, 4evvrr, and more, Apollo Storm really put something special together. Not only did Apollo managed to get great features, but he packed the album with 11 super versatile tracks.

Apollo Storm is probably one of the few artists to be able to dable in genres like pro without losing his signature sound, “GROWIN PAINS” just proves that point even more.

We briefly linked up with Apollo to learn a bit more about the album and how it came to be.

“The inspiration for the album was truly self explanatory honestly, i’ve gone through dark & rough times (Mood Swings) but feel like i’ve grown through those battles and struggles much more than I could’ve ever asked for!”

He continued…

“along the way I have hit bumps and obstacles but have always made it my mission to make sure I get back on the right path when i do.”

The explanation behind the album is so fitting for with the immense versatility the album has. When you really think about it and listen to the album as a whole, it really does feel like “mood swings”, something perfectly normal when you’re going through growing pains or just growth in general.

“I feel like my music is meant for those who kind of confuse themselves with how they feel sometimes but always make it their job to get better with expressing those emotions.”

Upon the release of Apollo Storm’s “GROWING PAINS” album, Apollo and Juice visuals also dropped the music video for the track “SCARY”. The cinematic music video is beyond anything we could have expected. It grabs your attention right off the bat and keeps you engaged in the storyline, making you wonder “what’s gonna happen next?”.

The track “SCARY” is a really contrast from the rest of the tracks, really emphasizing those “dark and rough times” Apollo was speaking on. Other tracks like “STRANGERS” and “REMEMBER ME” feel really energized, but with sad truths we all have to learn eventually.

There’s no doubt this is Apollo Storms best work to date and we couldn’t be more excited to watch more of his growth.

Apollo Storm’s new album “GROWING PAINS” is out now on all streaming platforms. Check it out here or click one of our recommended tracks down below!

Recommend Tracks:


  2. “INTRO”


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