Apollo Storm: “Double Up” New Single

Apollo Storm is back with a new sound in his new single “Double Up”!

The Ohio artist has always had a uniqueness to him when it comes to diversity but this time Apollo Storm has brought “Storm SZN” upon us and takes his music to a whole new level by making his new single “Double Up” a tropical urban track.

Tropical music is a very hard genre to dip your toes in. It requires a hip moving tempo with cohesive lyrics that make the body feel the energy it radiates…. Basically, you’re not speaking to the mind or soul. You’re speaking the body and Apollo Storm did just that.

“Double Up” is a track that makes you want to get up and dance. The suave and sensualness is perfect for a club track. The tropical energy gives it a a beach side vacation feel to it. You can just let go and feel free while listening t the track.

We briefly link up with Apollo Storm to learn a bit more on how the track came to be and Apollo shared about a night out his hometown of Columbus, Ohio.

“the song came about just from my experience of night life in Columbus throughout this summer. being in the city made it so easy to catch a genuine vibe with pure energy.”

He continued…

“the process of the song was simply just waking up one Sunday morning after a night out and just putting down what had transpired nights”

Apollo Storm even went a step further to bring out the full energy of the track by release the “Double Up” music video. Adding the tropical elements to it as well.

“as far as the video I just wanted to make the feeling of the song come to life tiki bar & all.”

The music video was well executed by Juice Visuals and fully represented the tropical energy. The shooting location was a Tiki and it even included the fun element of backup dancers, really bringing Apollo’s night out to live.

Overall, track is a 10/10 in originally, creativity, and musicality. It’s greatly executed, no awkwardness, no lack of tempo, and even masters the visual aspect really making you feel the tropical energy.

“Double Up” might not be the only bop we get this year as Apollo Storm shared his been working on a full length project… fingers crossed it drops by the end of the year. However, ‘till then we have this awesome new single and it’s music video to keep us vibing.

Apollo Storm’s “Double Up” is out now on all streaming platforms. Check it out here or click on the music video down below to get the full “Storm SZN” energy!


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