Apollo Storm: New Single "THE HEARTBREAKERS CLUB"

Ohio artist, Apollo Storm, drops his first single of the year "THE HEARTBREAKERS CLUB"!

Right from the start, we love everything about this track. The cover, the vocals, the vibe.

Apollo Storm has always been one to hit milestones on milestones back to back. Accumulating a decent amount of streams since the start.

We got to link up with him on his new single "THE HEARTBREAKERS CLUB" and got to learn a little more about it.

"Truly what inspired it for me was a falling out with a girl that I had been talking to for a minute. I wrote it probably close to a year ago and ended up rewriting it a few weeks ago due to things being cleared up on both sides and the fact that I just simply did not see it aging well."

He continued...

"Truly I feel this song is only a fraction of what I bring to the table as an artist but it definitely shows that a piece of my life that seems to be more braggadocious anything in the past"

"THE HEARTBREAKERS CLUB" shows a new side to Apollo Storm. A much darker and selfish side.

Everything about this track is just perfect. The mood and the message. The Cover and sound quality.

This is definitely the best sound quality on any Apollo Storm track which just makes this track more satisfying.

The lyrics are addicting and relatble.

Overall, this track is just perfect and a must-listen.

Check out Apollo Storm's "THE HEARTBREAKERS CLUB" down below or stream it on your favorite streaming platform here!


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