Artist of The Year: KG Prince!

Every year an underground artist exceeds expectations beyond imagined. Some artists make the best tracks of the year, some artists have awesome character traits, and others are great overall artists!

In 2021 there was no other artist who presented versatility, immense talent, and overall great charisma than KG Prince.

The 21-year-old Colorado artist has been making music since 2018. From the very start, KG Prince showed talent and endless potential, now he’s shown just how much of a superior artist he is with his versatility.

KG Prince has made some great tracks over the years, but in 2021 he dropped tracks in a variety of different genres as well as showed a more relatable and vulnerable side to himself. Although KG Prince is best known as a Rage music artist, this year he showcased his pop sound, his alternative sound, and a less Rage more Trap style.

Aside from showing off his immense versatility and talent, KG Prince really showed great charisma. He actively supported others in the Underground Scene, participated in many activities, and was involved in many collaborations with artists he loves. Not only that but KG really displayed another level of comprehensiveness with the lyrics in his tracks.

In 2021, many rage artists stuck to the same repetitive sounds that gives them the same results every time, but KG Prince really got out of his comfort zone and experimented with as much as he could. KG took many risks this year and went out of his way to really showcase his full potential. With tracks like “ithinkimightdietonight” and “THE SWEET UNKNOWNK” he added another layer to his music and it was more than a pleasant surprise.

Aside from being versatile and very active this year, KG Prince showed superiority in his main genre. Rage music is really just an intense track banging in your ears and getting you hyped throughout the whole length of the track, but it can get pretty repetitive. With his latest project “TANTRUM TEMPER”, KG really proved that he’s not like the rest. He doesn’t need a hard bass track that blasts in your ear to get you really hyped. He doesn’t depend on the beat to carry the track. He gets crafty with his lyrics and really puts in the his own style in the genre.

KG Prince is really just a great well-rounded artist. He’s got something for everyone and anyone.

This year KG Prince took his music to another level. He really excelled with each drop. He displayed charisma within the community. Overall, KG Prince did what a well-rounded artist does. He made great music and made everyone feel as if they mattered as well.

KG Prince is 2021’s Artist Of The Year for his great overall qualities and we can’t wait to see what he brings to this new year!


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