Audentia: “Inuyasha” New Single!

Indie-pop Texas artist, Audentia releases a brand new single titled “Inuyasha”!

The track has quickly become Audentia’s most streamed track upon release with over 20K streams on Spotify alone in just a few weeks.

The young 23-year-old artist has made a name for himself in the underground. Although he’s just started rising, he’s dropped some great tracks. I’m just 4 years, Audentia has established a brand and sound for himself. Straying away from the generic sounds of today.

We briefly linked with Audentia to learn a bit more about the inspiration behind his new single “Inuyasha”.

““Inuyasha” is based off the anime Inuyasha. The song aspires to relate to the main character by expressing the gradual experience of falling in love. His personality differs from who he wants, which brings about affliction. He was the sun and she was the moon, and although their differences were troubling, the affliction only brought new levels of love each time. They embody the adage “opposites attract”.”

While it’s not a surprise a track was made based of an anime, it is surprising that Audentia went more in-depth with the meaning. Fully analyzing and embodying the character. It’s clear the anime resonated with him.

Personally, I’m in loved with this track. It’s not only a great sounding track and slightly addicting, but after hearing about the inspiration behind it, you could really envision it as an anime intro song. Which just makes the track even better.

Audentia’s newest single “Inuyasha” is out now on all streaming platforms. Make sure to check it out here!


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