Ayee Resoo: "Don't miss" Mv + Track Review!

Rising superstar Ayee Resoo is on his way to becoming a household name with his new track "Don't Miss"!

With over 100k streams on his "Don't Miss" music video in just one month, Ayee Resoo is reclaiming his spot as one of the few rising stars of the underground.

From being featured on Lyrical Lemonade to being played on the radio in his home city of Gary, Indiana, Ayee Resoo is one artist to place your bets on.

His new single "Don't Miss" is a high-energy trap tack with raw bars about the life of Ayee Resoo with a cinematic music video to showcase just that.

Overall, the track has great sound quality and the flow of the track is really addicting. It makes you wanna rage and yell out to the world "don't f*ck with me!".

"The track epresents everything I am, everything I say on the song is true and authentic. I freestyle all my lyrics specifically so they can come right off my heart how I’m feeling it right then and there."

Ayee Resoo is really one authentic artist. Period.

There's nothing else we can say about Ayee Resoo except place your bets on the boy from "The Most Miserable City in America" and make sure to check out his new single "Don't Miss" out now on all streaming platforms!


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