B.Dest: “Black Bentleys” New Single

Missouri’s B. Dest makes a comeback with his new single “Black Bentleys”!

After waking up from a nightmare the young 20-year-old got to work and created his newest single “Black Bentleys”.

The track is a statement of perseverance and success for B. Dest. The hard bass and melodic guitar string give it a sentimental feeling while still maintaining the hard trap style B. Dest is known for.

Upon the release of the track, we briefly linked up with B. Dest to learn a bit more about how the track came to be.

“i woke up from a nightmare and me and @prod. west created the song and tried to incorporate real emotion as i do for all my songs for my fans to relate to. we did a great job making everything perfect how we wanted it.”

Seems like the hard work paid off in the end.

B. Dest also continued on to share the inspiration of the track and what feelings went into it.

“[I was just] reminiscing, foreshadowing my future, it’s been a long road but it’s starting to pay off.”

B. Dest new single “Black Bentleys” stays real to his emotions and keeps a uniqueness not really found in his other tracks.

Overall, “Black Bentleys” is one of B. Dest’s realest tracks. He used his emotions and musically to create something special for himself and for the listener.

It’s fair to say B. Dest has had better tracks, but what makes “Black Bentleys” special is his honesty behind the lyrics and the realistic outlook on how life with success is. Lonely, empty, but rewarding.

B. Dest’s new single “Black Bentleys” is out now on all streaming platforms. Check it out here or click one of the recommended tracks down below!

Recommend Tracks:

1. “Alone.”

2. “iDK”

3. “Bloods Left”


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