BigbagYL: Growth in Music

Georgia has always put out big artists and BigbagYL has the potential to be one of them.

The 17 year old artist recently started making music, but his work ethic speaks volume.

Starting off his career, BigbagYL has already show cased his versatility and potential for growth. In his track “Ladies Man,” he shows off his versatility in a suave way, using a different flow than his usual and displaying a more softer character.

BigbagYL isn’t only an artist, but he also engineers and mixes his own track. In just few month you can tell how much growth this young artist has made in both his music and skills.

We asked him what his favorite part of the music process is and he replied “Recording... I love recording it takes everything off my mind i really become a new person when i get into my zone.” He also share that his big goal is to put his city of Conyers, Georgia on the map.

With his talent and continues growth we don’t doubt BibagYL can achieve that goal.

BigbagYL is currently working on his first album, “Most Hated,” but in the mean time, stream his track “Ladies Man” down below!


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