BlacBoy: "LESSGO"

We've been bumpin' to BlacBoy's "LESSGO" and now he's finally dropped the music video!

The North Carolina artist has been making music for some time now, but only recently redefined his image and style to fully pursue it as a career.

His tracks never disappoint and the sound quality never lacks.

"I always had a burning passion for music. But didn’t start making music until 2018 when I started producing with my boy PhilGotAnother1. After about 2 years of producing I started messing around recording myself and rapping just came naturally to me. I‘ve had a lot going on in my life and music is how I express myself with whatever I got going on."

BlacBoy's most recent track "LESSGO" is just one example of how good this young artist really is and how effortlessly he seems to flow through the beat. We could definitely imagine hearing this track on the radio and just bumpin' to it hard.

"This track represents my gritty and turnt side. Throw this track on whenever it’s time to slide, time to do anything, don’t ask questions LESSGO"

The track really just gives off that vibe.

Don't think twice just get up and do it.

"LESSGO" is honestly just a dope track and we can't get enough of it. It lacks nothing at all.

BlacBoy is set to drop a new single soon with BSE BIGTONE and an EP later this year, but for now... Make sure to check out his latest track "LESSGO" here and check out the music video down below!


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