Blondre X: Birthday Mix 1

One artist that’s always low key on our list, but certainly a favorite is Blondre X.

Blondre X caught our attention earlier this year with his track “1125FREESTYLE” featuring Damn Dee. The cover, the track, and the vibe was just on point. Starting out as a producer, Blondre X, started evolving into an artist. Now, he’s showing off his talent with his own personal “Birthday Mix.” Happy birthday btw!

Inspired by the an Arizona old school car radio show on power 98.3, Blondre X, put together a completion of his most recent work. To be completely honest, the whole mix just goes hard.

The whole mix consists of about 8 tracks or so, ranging in different vibes. Blonde X definitely shows off his versatility throughout the whole mix.

The whole mix makes us wish we knew the track names and could stream them individually, but it’s okay because the whole mix is just a vibe.

The producer turned artists is coming out to claim his throne, so Arizona artists better lookout. The “Birthday Mix” is just the beginning.

Make sure to stream Blondre X’s “Birthday Mix 1” down below and stick around for new music!


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