NBLTai: “Tai VS Heartbreaks”

Young and on the move. 18 year old, NBLTai, recently dropped a new project titled “Tai VS Heartbreaks.”

The 7 track project was released earlier this month and it gives an inside look into NBLTai’s potential.

Starting his music journey back in 2017, NBLTai, share with us why he started to make music:

“Love made me start music.”

He continued...

“I didn’t make love music or love inspired music when I first started though.”

He went more in depth into the “Tai VS Heartbreaks” project.

“I lost my ex... she isn’t important anymore, but she got me to where I’m at and helped make the music i worked so hard on...”

“It (The project) shows my passion, the hard work I put into what I do, and how much love and emotion I put into beats.”

NBLTai is certainly on to something with his music and he’s potential isn’t to be taken for granted. Though, he has a long way to go, “Tai VS Heartbreaks” is not to be overlooked while the young artist is on the come up.

NBLTai’s latest project “Tai VS Heartbreaks” is out now. Stream it here or checkout our favorite track down below!


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