Boondarii: New Tape “Overly Underrated 4”

21 year old Atlanta rapper, Boondarii, is back at it again with his new “Overly Underrated 4” tape!

Earlier this year, Boondarii, caught our attention with his “My Worth” track. Now, he’s got our attention with the new 13 track tape.

“Overly Underrated 4” shows Boondarii’s consistency and work ethic. The whole tape continues cohesively with the same flow and style of beats like a never ending vibe. Something that many have trouble with.

Boondarii is simply stating that he’s overly underrated and honestly, he is.

He’s got potential and shows it with every drop.

“Overly underrated 4” is only available on SoundCloud and you can stream it here or check out our recommended tracks down below.

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "My Worth"

  2. "Katch Up"

  3. "Sunflower"


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