Brickbanshrty: "Audio Fashion" EP!

18-year-old Brickbanshrty drops a six-track Ep titled "Audio Fashion" exclusively on SoundCloud!

Brickbanshrty cramps in every single genre of music he can think of in his latest Ep "AUDIO FASHION" and it comes out sounding amazing.

From soul to trap and R&B, Brickbanshrty really showcased his versatility and creativity.

Starting off with the first track "soul discovery", Bricksbanshrty flows through a beat of Soul, trap, and R&B elements to create a sort of psychedelic atmosphere you're drifted into while listening to the track.

Other tracks like "euphoria!" showcase more old-school hip-hop beats while Brickbanshrty uses the new age flows to rap through the track.

Surprisingly, Brickbanshrty stays away from his usual rage and trap vibe and fully submerses himself into the vibe of each track, only sticking to his signature sound.

After listening to the full "AUDIO FASHION" Ep, we got a chance to link up with Brickbanshrty and learn more about the inspiration behind the project.

"I just got tired of being compared to people my age, because humbly most people don’t really compare to me when it comes to versatility, vision, vocal uniqueness..."

He continued....

"All I can say is I dropped audio fashion while I was 18 years old. No one my age or in my scene can compare, it’s all just the same s*** we've been hearing for 5+ years. Audio Fashion is my OWN sound.."

Brickbanshrty is one of the few artists in that we can genuinely say is different than the rest. While he has proven to be able to master other genres, he's made it clear he's got his own signature style that is hard to replicate.

Brickbanshrty's new Ep "AUDIO FASHION" is out now, exclusively on SoundCloud. Make sure to check it out here or check out one of our recommended tracks down below!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "soul discovery1"

  2. "fantasy atlantis!"

  3. "library exit! ;("


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