C-Funq & Lyrical Disciples Collective

What’s better than an awesome artist dropping good music? A bunch of awesome artists coming together to drop GREAT music.

The Lyrical Disciples collective is just one of those groups that come together as a whole and makes the saying “Teamwork makes the dream work” even more true than usual.

Founded by C-fund in 2018. Lyrical Disciples consists of Alabama A&M students from many different backgrounds, locations, religions, and music styles.

The collective consists of Lyrical Disciples, C-funq, Danikay, Kai L, Kion, Dom$$, Swankin, and Duke lowercase. Overall, it’s to single them out or place them in a box, but if we had to compare them to someone... it would be DreamVille.

The Lyrical Disciples dropped their first tape earlier this month and it honestly shows just how strong and impactful impactful of a group they really are.

We can’t wait to see what 2021 have in store for C-Funq and The Lyrical Disciples, but for now we’re all streaming their “Lyrical Disciples Revolution” tape!

Check it out here.


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