Chicago artist, CAVEMAN, just dropped his first full-length project of the year. But who exactly is he?

The 20-year-old artist has been making music for some time now with his oldest track "#badassbitches" being 3 years old.

The young artist has improved a lot since then. Dropping quality singles and 2 quality projects.

Now he is back with a full-length project titled "SCARFACE."

Caveman hadn't dropped any music since his last release "SIX Paths" Ep in June of 2020. Now, he is back with 9 quality tracks and a lot of potential to show out for.

We briefly linked up with Caveman to learn a bit more about him and his new album "SCARFACE."

"I started off in 2017... I started a band when I was 13 doing covers of some real ass rockstars...."

With an interest in music at a young age, Caveman seems to have always been leaning towards that dream. But it wasn't until about three years ago that he started to invest some time in it.

As far as his music career goes, it seems that it wasn't until early last year that he started to take his music a lot more seriously and press the gas on his career.

As far as the story behind "SCARFACE"...

"I like the movie Scarface and all but to be honest it’s just my story, my scars, my truth. I was involved in an accident when I was younger...The thing is even though everybody might not have scars on their face like me, a lot of us have been scared in one way or another that we can’t shake, that we literally wear on our face sometimes, it’s fucked up but the truth is it’s just what we are forced to carry with us for the rest of our lives, now & forever. Molded by life, for better or worse, we’ll have to see..."

The inspiration behind Caveman's "SCARFACE" is deep and personal, but relatable. He summarized it really well and portrayed all those emotions and thoughts very well throughout each track in the album.

It wasn't just about his scars but everyone else's as well. This is what a true artist can do.

Honestly, his new album "SCARFACE" has us wondering why this young artist isn't getting the recognition he deserves... but all in due time this is just the beginning.

Overall the album has no skips. You have to indulge the whole entire thing from start to finish to really be able to appreciate and understand just how great this album is.

We'll let you decide what you think of it, but for us, this is definitely a must-listen.

Make sure to check out Caveman's new album "SCARFACE" here or check out one of our recommended tracks down below!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "BODY"




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