Cedan: "Chrome Heart Birthmark" - New Single

The hidden gem of Atlanta, Cedan, drops a new masterpiece titled "Chrome Heart Birthmark"!

Cedan heavily reminds me of 21 Savage with his hard-hitting dark beat trap tracks. His signature sound makes him one of the most unique artists in the Atlanta Underground scene as you rarely hear his style in the underground in general.

We briefly linked with the Exclusive Fugitive member to learn more about behind the scenes of "Chrome Heart Birthmark".

"The song was inspired by myself. The feeling of being different than others and uniquely inspiring to the people around me is in part what led to my “ chrome heart birthmark baby I’m exclusive “ line. I directed the video myself with my good friend and camera man devflicks in order to put together this masterpiece."

It's been known that Cedan likes to be a part of every aspect of his music, but it's really impressive to know he directed the music video.

The music video was executed well and doesn't lack depth. The many different film locations, lighting, and shots give the music video that hard trap energy the track gives off.

Cedan showed real love to his crew during our questions. Name-dropping everyone who made his vision of the music video possible.

" I created a group chat and shot the video from about 5:45-midnight/1am. Everything went as planned and had a close team who all played a part in everything going smoothly. Devflicks and Movetheframe manned the cameras. Wondaboi is the group my friend created with various creators and is led by Tylan. He was there to facilitate the process..."

He continued....

"Wink and Czar, who are also artists, were there for support and are in the video. Czar’s rap name is czar Quatro and Wink is YTN wink. Cashjunky and TL were also there to support. Cashjunky is an artist out of Alabama who also engineers and TL is both an artist-producer and engineer. Swaeze and MH Soulja couldn’t make it, however, are also an artist. Swaeze is a great producer and MH Soulja is a great artist as well. Overall the process went well due to having great support from the team and having a clear vision I wanted to create. "

Cedan is one unique artist who really values and understands all the hard work that goes into every single project he creates.

The "Chrome Heart Birthmark" music video turned out great with that dark tap signature Cedan sound there's no denying this is one of his best visuals to date.

Cedan's new music video "Chrome Heart Birthmark" is out now on YouTube, what do you think, is it his best music video yet?

Let us know down in the comments!


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