Chavito: Straight Out Of Stockton

19 year old, Stockton native, Salvador Casares, AKA Chavito, is one of the few North Cal artists to do something different.

Straying away from the west coast vibes and Bay Area bass sounds, Chavito, brings in a medolic emotrap vibe to the cali game.

Inspired by Chief Keef, Chavito, started off as a beat maker and later got inspired to make his own music after listening to Lil Uzi Vert.

We asked what his favorite part of the music process is and he replied:

“My favorite... I couldn’t really say. I definitely love recording though. The recording process and making what I have thought in my head come to life definitely is [the] most enjoyable.”

One thing that Chavito does best is show off his versatility. Not a single one of his tracks seems to be too similar to another.

His track “No Option” has to be one of our favorites with a different flow and chill trapper vibes. The Intro is probably the best part stating Chavito’s endless potential.

Chavito is set to drop a new project titled “Not From Here” sometime this year, which includes two sides, Side A and Side B.

With endless potential and talent, Chavito, has a song for everyone, check out one of our recommended tracks down below.

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "No Option"

  2. "Haha"

  3. "Rockstar"


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